Digital transformation is playing a larger part for modern consultants and advisers. Not only is the work demanding a more digital mindset, but clients are also requiring digital products and toolsets. All of these run on data. Without data, digital transformation cannot happen.

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How instant data access can change an industry

If anyone knows that data transforms a company, it's consultants. Business intelligence build on data analysis, and the amount of data available (and generated) is unparalleled. Without data, no change or impact. No competitive edge. This is the case no matter your area of specialisation: management, investments, value chain optimisation, etc.

Another key component is knowing the customer and their needs. Data and data visualisation is a corner stone.

This is where Juristic can help. We provide an unprecedented access to visual corporate data from multiple countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. This includes cross border group charts and a revolutionary engine that can scan for otherwise hidden structural risks.

Imagine if you existing data tool could also tell you about legal challenges?

With instant access to data, our partners have been able to focus on what matters most: value creation for the client.