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Fast as lightning

Illustrate even complex legal structures intuitively and within minutes - not hours.

Structured data

Import group charts and data from company registers from the Nordic countries (DK/FI/NO/SE).

Pre-defined elements

Use pre-defined elements to speed up workflows to speeds that you have never experienced.

All-in-one platform

Why use multiple tools to get data, draw, and share with clients, when you can use one.

Real-time red flags

Let our advanced algorithm help you. Experience the future with live red flagging while you work.

Intelligent content

We connect to official legal sources and can intelligently refer you to the right ones. SOON

Build your own

Create your own red flags to assist or educate - or even upsell. There are no limits.

Fewer mistakes

The Smart Assistance features help you with avoiding costly mistakes - or correcting them.

1-click drafting

Create legal reports and memos with only 1 click, all based on your own templates or visual profile.

Track team changes

Work across - or within - teams by writing content and tracking edits directly in the browser.

No need to code

Instead, we have created an easy-to-use building tool, so you can start drafting immediately.

Knowledge database

Access our intelligent legal database to find the proper legal basis and advise clients better.