Transform visual concepts into actionable deliverables

Juristic automates legal deliverables, tasks and processes with visualisation - and combines it your knowledge and templates sprinkled with legal project management and AI.

Cooperating with market leaders

and 60+ professional services firms all over Europe

Visualisation as an automation language

Experience the power of visual structuring and collaboration with our dynamic digital whiteboard. Transform complex legal workflows into intuitive, manageable visuals with ease.


Real-time collaboration with clients, colleagues and stakeholders

Proprietary AI engine

Use our JuristIQ engine to automate legal workflows or integrate into your own.

360° Integrations

Effortlessly Connect Your Favorite Tools to Enhance Productivity and Collaboration in Legal Practice

Designed for lawyers by lawyers

Juristic's product suite streamlines legal workflows and enhances collaboration for law firms. Experience efficient case management, document handling, and superior client service with our innovative tools.

Interactive Legal Structuring

Legal structuring - or any legal illustration work - has never been this intuitive and easy. Automate group charts, or create memos, illustrated reports and knowledge bank searches based on the drawing with the JuristIQ engine.

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  • Powerful visual structuring tool and digital whiteboard
  • Collaborative and sharable with clients and stakeholders
  • Powerpoint automation
Dynamic Timeline

Facts are the center of most matters... and a lot of those facts arrive in emails inside emails. With Juristic Timeline, you can create amazing timelines by dragging content from Outlook - or simply have a beautiful overview that can be exported to PDF.

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  • Automatically create timelines from documents and emails
  • Automate documents for the case
  • Collaborative and sharable with clients and stakeholders
Visual task management

A versatile work operating system that helps teams manage projects, workflows, and everyday tasks with customizable templates and intuitive visual tools. It boosts productivity and collaboration by centralizing communication, automating repetitive tasks, and providing real-time insights across projects.

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  • Collaborate. Organize. Succeed.
  • Plan. Track. Deliver.
  • Visualize. Automate. Achieve.

Use our cloud solution deployed in fully french owned Outscale or deploy it on prem. You can even integrate your own proprietary AI models into Juristic.

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  • Comprehensive security
  • Segregate your data
  • Possibility to use CMK

Here's what other people say

Discover how Juristic has transformed the legal practice of firms around the world. Read our clients' testimonials to see the impact of our innovative solutions on their efficiency and client service.

"It's an efficient and powerful tool for our lawyers, and their team truly understands the industry. This is evident in the well-designed tools, their flexibility, and the support they provide for our fee earners."
Peter van Dam, CDO, Simonsen Vogtviig
"Juristic has enabled us to focus even more on the important aspects of our clients' cases. In addition, it is a great help when a case needs to be revisited during breaks in the case or when a new colleague is working on the case.

In a recent presentation to the court, we even received compliments from the judge for our timeline."
"I really appreciate the user-friendliness of the Timeline tool, which allows me to quickly and easily systemise documents and emails - creating a great overview for me and my clients!"
Niels Nørgaard Rasmussen, Partner, Aumento Advokatfirma
"It is important for us to be consistent in our legal services and always deliver the highest quality.
Juristic is a unique platform that helps us collaborate across our teams to work with visualisation, create structure and group charts as well as timelines in a consistent and compelling way.
It's clear that the Juristic platform is designed by people from the industry."
Thomas Torre Christiansen, Partner, Sundgaard Advokater
"My experience is that Juristic is a valuable tool for gaining an overview in larger cases and sorting extensive case documents. The timeline tool works well both internally to understand proximity in time and critical events in the case, and as a helpful document in legal processes. Juristic is intuitive and has various support functions that we, in the legal profession, can use to make our resource utilization more efficient and contribute to a clear and educational presentation of complex case matters."
"Juristic is extremely time-saving, fast and easy to work in."
Jonathan Hjortdal, Legal Director, Attorney
"Creating timelines directly from emails and files is game changing."
Mikkel Orthmann Grønbech, Attorney, FOCUS Advokater
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Juristic leverages visualisation as an automation language to streamline legal deliverables, tasks, and processes. We enhance your KMS with advanced templates and AI integration.

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