Juristic Structure: Everyone understands visuals...

With Juristic, you can turn knowledge → visualisations and visualisations → documents and deliverables.

Interactive Legal Structuring

Legal structuring - or any legal illustration work - has never been this intuitive and easy. Automate group charts, or create memos, illustrated reports and knowledge bank searches based on the drawing with the JuristIQ engine.

Powerful visual structuring tool and digital whiteboard

Experience the power of visual structuring and collaboration with our dynamic digital whiteboard. Transform complex legal workflows into intuitive, manageable visuals with ease.

Connect to data sources

Easily connect to data sources for seamless integration and enhanced insights. Or use our pre built to company registers.

Collaborative and sharable with clients and stakeholders

Real-time collaboration with clients, colleagues and stakeholders

Proprietary AI engine

Use our JuristIQ engine to automate legal workflows or integrate into your own.

Powerpoint automation

Automate PowerPoint creation like strawman reports for efficient and professional presentations every time in your CVI.

Ready to see it?

Juristic leverages visualisation as an automation language to streamline legal deliverables, tasks, and processes. We enhance your KMS with advanced templates and AI integration.

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