Juristic Timeline: Automate timelines with just a drag and drop...

Find the common thread with a best-in-class legal timeline and search tool - built by lawyers and litigation experts who have been there too.

Dynamic Timeline

Facts are the center of most matters... and a lot of those facts arrive in emails inside emails. With Juristic Timeline, you can create amazing timelines by dragging content from Outlook - or simply have a beautiful overview that can be exported to PDF.

Automatically create timelines from documents and emails

Easily connect to DMS-systems or drag and drop you documents and emails into Juristic and watch it save you hours of manuel labor.

Collaborative and sharable with clients and stakeholders

Real-time collaboration with clients, colleagues and stakeholders

Automate documents for the case

Let Juristic prepare documents for the court like document bundles, supporting documents or Particulars of claim

Best in class Timelines

Effortlessly visualize case progress with Juristic Timeline, turning complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Ready to see it?

Juristic leverages visualisation as an automation language to streamline legal deliverables, tasks, and processes. We enhance your KMS with advanced templates and AI integration.

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