Juristic Flow: Automate legal project management..

Streamline your legal projects with Juristics – tailored project management for lawyers. Boost efficiency, collaborate seamlessly, and stay organized with intuitive tools designed for the legal industry.

Visual task management

A versatile work operating system that helps teams manage projects, workflows, and everyday tasks with customizable templates and intuitive visual tools. It boosts productivity and collaboration by centralizing communication, automating repetitive tasks, and providing real-time insights across projects.

Fully customizable tasks lists

Empower your team with fully customizable task lists – tailor every detail to fit your unique workflow and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Collaborative and sharable with clients and stakeholders

Real-time collaboration with clients, colleagues and stakeholders

Customizable Templates

Tailor every template to fit your specific needs and boost your team's efficiency.

Automated Workflow Integration

Streamline the process with automated workflows that ensure consistency, reduce manual errors, and save time

Ready to see it?

Juristic leverages visualisation as an automation language to streamline legal deliverables, tasks, and processes. We enhance your KMS with advanced templates and AI integration.

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