Accountants are increasingly becoming trusted advisers, not within only number crunching and compliance, but also other legal areas like M&A and corporate tax. Here is an M&A use case from an accounting firm.

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Transforming M&A

A classic example is the M&A structure report. This is a high-volume area where clients have become used to beautiful slide decks from their advisers that summarise the practical steps and legal consequences in an easy-to-understand way. Working against time in a market, where clients demand more and more, technology can play an enormous part.

A lot of advisers have a large database of knowledge that is utilised when advising corporate clients.

Structure reports often take a lot of time, despite being fairly simple. This is usually due to three key elements:

  1. Illustrating the structure and transactions flows, usually in PowerPoint or Visio
  2. Finding previous advice that can act as template content
  3. Combing no. 1 and 2 into a product that the client can accept

A first draft can easily take 15-20 hours to complete.

However, this is where Juristic can provide tangible value. Since the fees are often based on fixed fees within this area, the contribution margin becomes important.

We have managed to create a first draft of a structure report within 3 hours, including individual step plan illustrations - all thanks to the powerful Automation engine in our platform. While Juristic requires a bit of set-up before this can be achieved, this is a one-time task.

Reducing drafting time this drastically - while maintaining a fixed fee - can increase bottom-line earnings.

Even if the fee is not fixed, utilising technology also frees up time to allow the adviser to do more in-depth or client-oriented work, which will make your client return again and again.

The questions is: did you become an adviser to spend time in PowerPoint - or because you want to focus on the client?