April 8, 2023
Juristic - A Feature Update
The latest Juristic update enhances security with EU data protection compliance and ISO 27001 certified EU cloud providers, and adds advanced visualization tools, enhanced reporting, dynamic PDF exports, and improved task management.

We are launching a new version of Juristic - or rather, we have already launched a new version of Juristic. There are a lot of new features - and security updates.

They are, however, in line with our principles for legal tech: visualisation is a great legal language, always all-in-one platform, and something that you can actually use.

Here's a little overview:

  1. Security and Privacy Updates
  2. Feature Updates to Juristic Structure and Juristic Timeline

Security and Privacy First

Security comes first - even for startups. With a heightened focus on cybersecurity, we are always working on making our platform even more secure.

We have published a lot of silent security updates and performed a lot of testing, including penetration tests and code reviews. All this is done to ensure that our customers can be sure that their information is secure.

Since legal cases may contain sensitive information, we have always had a full focus on compliance. As such, we do NOT host any data outside of the European Union - in fact, we do not even host the platform using Amazon (AWS), Google, or Microsoft in order to comply with the recent developments (Schremms II). Instead, we use trusted cloud providers within the EU, all of which are ISO 27001 certified.

If you are interested in knowing more, please do not hesitate to reach out. We have a technical whitepaper for our customers, including updated network and dataflow charts.

A Myriad of New Features


Juristic Structure is an amazing tool for illustrating legal issues - or even using the illustrations to draft actual documents or reports. It's perfect for GDPR or M&A purposes - but the sky is the limit.

Figures, Figures, Figures - and Resizability

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A digital whiteboard must be great to draw in. While the previous version of Juristic Structure was good, this update brings the illustration features into this decade. After popular request, we have added additional figures and access to a library of hundreds of thousands of icons. Everything is still drag-and-drop - but now also resizable and rotatable.

Enhanced Red Flag and KM Report Module

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We have also updated the automatic red flagging and report-module, i.e. the features that can match illustrations with your knowledge bank. They now work better and smarter, so you can create deliverables faster.


Beautiful PDF Export (with Selector)

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It is now possible to download the timelines in a beautiful and ready-to-use PDF (and it even includes a dynamic legend!). You can even select which timeline events you want downloaded. Sometimes it's all about presentation - also in court!

Amazing Menu Tools

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We have built in some new and advanced search and filtering tools. With these menu tools, you can find exactly what you wish for - but in seconds. There are amazing algorithms behind this functionality, so we can provide the best people, document and event overviews.

Deadline and Task Management

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Do you also think that legal task management can be overwhelming?

We have created a new module that allows you to manage tasks and deadlines - all in one view. It allows you to import your deadlines and send them directly to your calendar - and you can even create subtasks. Everything can be assigned to you or your employees, making this an invaluable tool for lawyers and legal advisors.

Tasks and deadlines can even be shown in the timelines, making it a dynamic and flexible work tool, designed specifically by lawyers for the deadline focused task management approach that we are all so used to!

What's Next?

We are working on collaborative tools as well as better compatibility with the official government platforms.